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Natasha arched her back over the bonnet of her blue WRX while Alejandro came up in front of her, his manhood throbbing through his jeans. His 501s could hardly hide the bulge of his member. His eyes surveyed her white belly as her shirt slid up around her rib cage and she moaned as he slid his hands under her shirt and around to the back of her red lace bra. He unhitched it as she turned slightly to one side. He then leaned in with his mouth, and pressed hard against her lips. His tongue swept briefly into her mouth, and then he swept across and nibbled at her ears. Her arms drew around his bottom, and she pulled him in close. She parted her legs, and then wrapped her legs around his bottom, while he unhitched his belt, and then unbuttoned his fly.                

His throbbing cock pulsed as Natasha stripped off her black leggings, and tossed them to one side of the car. The engine was still running while he gently swept his index finger across her clitoris, making Natasha wet and swollen. They held each other locked in passionate kisses. As they drew apart, Natasha lay back and put her fingers into Alejandro’s mouth, and he sucked at them hard and moaned. Alejandro tore off Natasha’s shirt, and pulled her close into himself. Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy was playing over the subwoofers, and they had gotten completely lost in the moment. Alejandro cupped his hands over her breasts, softly twisting each nipple. Natasha moaned, and then propped herself up to lean in and whisper into his ear.  “Thrust me, baby, do it now…” her voice was low and raspy.

I fucken love you baby,” Alejandro had his mouth next to her ear and his voice was forceful and eager. He could feel the pulse in her vagina while he thrust her hard, slamming his cock deep into her.        

Alejandro!” she moaned as he moved his body against her, drawing his cock in and out of her like a sword, while her juices flowed over him, and slathered his penis with sweet honey like dew. His thrusting got harder and faster. She fingered her clitoris while he leaned in and kissed her passionately, their eyes both open and gazing deeply into each other. He pulled his cock out and ran it across her vagina, and across her clitoris, rubbing it up and down.

Oh, Alejandro,” she moaned.

You like it baby?” he teased, and then thrust his cock back hard into her. She winced in pleasure.

They were located adjacent to an airfield, and it was near midnight. The stars were shining up overhead. It was mid-September and the air was mild. A plane was firing up on the runway, and Alejandro had parked the WRX at the end of the runway, and left the engine running so they would feel the purr while they fucked.

The plane was hurtling down the runway, and Alejandro nodded to his lover as her eyes widened in pleasure. She could feel the waves of orgasm about to happen. Alejandro drew himself out and then as the plane shot overhead and the engines roared the winds about them, Natasha lifted herself up, and then grasped him back, and he slammed his cock into her and pulsed it hard and fast, and then he moaned as he shot his load deep into her. As he emptied his juice deep into her, she felt overwhelming waves of orgasm pulsing centred within her.

He pulled her close and kissed her neck.

Be mine forever, baby,” Alejandro begged her.

Mmmm, you’re delicious Alejandro,” she breathed across his chest.

The dawn sun started to rise, and Natasha grabbed a blanket, and Alejandro opened the car door, and they both sat in the back seat, half naked, entwined in each other’s arms, and fell asleep in post-coital bliss.


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