Over bland, misappropriated, overly edited and ungritty writing?

Enter to the sublime experience, and total indulgence of one of Lori V Woodward’s sublime pieces of art.

It’s the motherfucken du’jour for the intelligentsia.

Ain’t got one of these coveted objet d’art on your coffee table?

Pffffft, shame on you 😉


Just buy one, off you know where. Of course. Amazon.

Like, now …



Fuck bland. Sent a manuscript to some cunts over in the US, wanted it “cleaned up” translated means they were SHOCKED.

Publishers have so many manuscripts to slide across their tables, and of course they are wanting to publish something new. Being an upright snob, I told them to go fuck off, and hurtled towards a publishing company that has taken over my entire life, and I’ve published other writer’s books.

At Almond Digital, we are different. You will despise the way we do shit differently. Reluctantly I put my pout everywhere, because to be an artist, you have to throw your image everywhere.

My legal name is Arwen Woodward Orford, middle name is Lori. Just cause I can break the system, and do what I like. I love my team, and without them, none of this would be possible.

Love to you dolls.

Arwen Orford

You can find me on Linked In. 

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